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Over twenty years of experience on your side.

Being experienced means that we're able to offer solutions to the most challenging of auto-care problems.

Over two decades ago, a hobby was forged into an obsession. Every car that crossed our path presented us with the challenge of reinvigoration and transformation; pushing us to further hone our skills in order to flawlessly execute each job. With passion comes progress - we are always reaching towards greater heights.

Our team of experts have chosen nothing but the finest products on the market - carefully tried and tested for Australian conditions. Our remarkable portfolio is so high-quality it can only be applied by professionals. Step into your new ride with confidence knowing we've got you covered.

Speciality services guaranteed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

image depicting our Ceramic Coatings service

Ceramic Coatings

Choose from our packages.

image depicting our Protection Film service

Protection Film

Increase your car's resale value.

image depicting our Paint Correction service

Paint Correction

Bring back that shine.

image depicting our Window Tinting service

Window Tinting

Spotless and hygienic clean.

image depicting our Car Detailing service

Car Detailing

Restore faded headlights.

image depicting our Repair & Paint service

Repair & Paint

Protect both yourself and your car from harmful UV rays.