What’s Going On in the Auto World?

Temperatures may not be rising but auto news around the world sure is. Here’s a capsule of our favorite auto news stories going on right now- The NTSB Has Called for Collision Prevention Systems on All Light Vehicles- sounds like it should be standard practice, but the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) is under heavy […]

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Premium Detailing, No Matter Your Vehicle Type

There’s a big misconception when it comes to detailing. Many assume that it’s not for them, dependent on their vehicle type. Many assume that it’s not a necessity, just a nice-to-have service for your car. Wrong, wrong, wrong. We need to change that misconception right now. When you let your car’s exterior beauty go, you’re […]

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This Week in Auto News

We’re self-proclaimed auto geeks here at TruShine, no mistake about it. We have to be, to ensure that we know the in’s and the out’s of every vehicle that comes through, as well as what will make our customers leave with smiles on their faces. This means that it’s very important to us to stay […]

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Why It Pays to Professionally Detail

We may be a bit biased but in our humble opinions, it just makes sense to have your car professionally detailed. It makes a world of difference and when you’re dealing with such an important investment, (and for some- a member of their families) it just doesn’t pay to make mistakes. With TruShine, there’s no […]

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What You Need to Know About Window Tinting

Tinting your car windows is a huge trend in the auto detailing industry right now. It elevates the premium look and feel of your car. It’s been popularized by celebrities and car enthusiasts alike as a feature that sets you apart from other drivers out in the market. We’re happy to assist in this process […]

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The First in Auto Detailing For a Reason

Welcome to the TruShine blog! A place where we’ll air our newest deals, tout the premium status of our services and define a lot of auto detail jargon which may be foreign to you. As our consumers, we consider you family and want to ensure that you’re not only comfortable, but over-the-moon happy about the […]

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