What’s Going On in the Auto World?

June 9th, 2015 by trushine

Temperatures may not be rising but auto news around the world sure is. Here’s a capsule of our favorite auto news stories going on right now-

The NTSB Has Called for Collision Prevention Systems on All Light Vehicles- sounds like it should be standard practice, but the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) is under heavy fire right now for not taking adequate action. All new passenger and commercial vehicles are now required to install collision avoidance systems. The technology that’s already out there could avoid injuries and save lives by reducing rear-end collisions. The technology is a lot simpler than you think, using cameras, lasers or radars to detect dangerous situations and even apply the brakes automatically. NTSB released a 63-page report on Monday showing that about 1700 people are killed each year in rear-end crashes. Over 80% of this number could be mitigated with the introduction of these systems.

“Currently available forward collision avoidance technologies for passenger and commercial vehicles still show clear benefits that could reduce rear-end crash fatalities. However, more must be done to speed up deployment of these technologies in all vehicle types,”

-the NTSB report said.

Pickup Sales Soar, Thanks Largely to GM May was a pretty great month for lighter vehicles. A total of 1,634,952 light vehicles sold. This is highest number ever recorded for a month. Among the top choices? Honda CR-V and Chevy Equinox.

But a surprise contender is joining the bunch- pick-up sales (large and small) grew by 8%, a total of 220,010. Even more impressive? One of the biggest heavy hitters (Ford) had its sales drop almost 10%. If you remove Ford, pick-up sales grew a whopping 17%.

“There’s a lot of compelling product in the pickup category, and consumers are clearly responding,” said Jessica Caldwell, a senior analyst at Edmunds.com. subaruSubaru Sells Out: Will a Fast-Growing Car Maker Decide to Stay Small? The pressure for Subaru vehicles in the market continues to increase. Since 2011 Subaru sales have increased 45%. This insane growth has only been beaten by a few brands in China and Fiat Chrysler (whose goal is increase the popularity of Jeep in both Europe and Asia). Where are they not beaten in the industry? Profit margin. Unfortunately, they’re not suited to handle this surge of sales. A visual to compare? Toyota sold a car every three seconds last year. Subaru? 35 seconds. So now it’s time for Subaru to make a choice. Fold to the pressure of growing demand, or maintain the small company culture for which they’ve become known and loved.

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