Why It Pays to Professionally Detail

May 5th, 2015 by trushine

We may be a bit biased but in our humble opinions, it just makes sense to have your car professionally detailed. It makes a world of difference and when you’re dealing with such an important investment, (and for some- a member of their families) it just doesn’t pay to make mistakes. With TruShine, there’s no margin of error. There’s no accounting for mistakes. We do it once, and we do it right. Today, we want to sell you on why when you work with the professionals, you know you’re getting the most value for your dollar.

You may be thinking, surely this is only a cosmetic need. Not so. When you properly detail a car, you’re maintaining the health and longevity of your vehicle, if you’re detailing process is thorough and correct. You can equate proper detailing with the same benefits as changing your spark plugs or changing your oil. Are those purely cosmetic? Nope.

First benefit– the health of your car paint. It sounds like a stretch but proper cleaning. The reason for this, is that your car paint protects the metal underneath. If you don’t keep an eye on it, then the paint will degrade and the metal underneath will rust and corrode. This can have devastating long-term effects.

Your neighborhood and environment can also be a good argument for proper maintenance and detailing. If your area experiences seasonal snow fall, then it’s likely that your streets also see a lot of road salt. Yes, in the short term this can save lives. No doubts about that. However, the salt and the mud can cause build up in the wells of your wheels and also under your chassis. Your chassis is not easily repairable, so better to spend a little money now and save a lot later.

1Another part of detailing that many forget about, is that we take the time to check both your taillights and your headlights. These need to be free of cracks and damage, but they also need to be clean. The smallest amounts of mud and grime can contribute to massive reductions of available light. This can be particularly dangerous if you’re driving at night.

Keep your car’s resale value top of mind. If you’re going to be selling your car at any point down the road, you want the inside to be spotless and smelling fresh. A proper detail will rid you of harsh odors, fading seating materials, discoloration and cracking of your glove compartments and dashboard.

And of course, your wheels and tires. Your wheels and tires see immeasurable amounts of chemicals, of dust from your brakes, of oils and solvents, just in your daily commute. You probably don’t even realize it. When we detail a car, we always ensure that these are looking their best but that we’re also keeping an eye out for any future risks of cracks or any potential failure in your wheels.

Help us to help you. We’ll keep your car looking beautiful inside and out, so that you can love it even longer.

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